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Retriever training

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Customer Testimonials


Dave and Carlene,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you two for turning out such an outstanding young dog. Amos has been with us for almost a full month now. He has been nothing short of outstanding as a family member and a hard working retriever.

We are blown away with his incredible drive and tremendous desire to please. I truly think he is the easiest dog we have ever owned ... And we've owned lots of purpose built dogs. No doubt in my mind, the dog is a product of the work you guys do everyday and the training program Dave operates. When I started looking for a new waterfowl retriever in the Spring, I had a pretty good idea what I wanted. You guys exceeded my expectations. I am so thankful for finding you two, your program and Amos. Dave was able to share enough of his training program with me, in that first call, that I knew I had found a professional trainer, not just a breeder that happens to train dogs and can say all of the right stuff. I was even more surprised when I learned you guys DON'T breed dogs. Knowing that you go to the effort to find the right dogs to ADD to your training program, rather than train and sell whatever litter you have, made my decision that much easier.

I have a background in training working dogs but not waterfowl or hunting dogs. Knowing the training time investment needed to truly bring a dog to their potential, I knew I wanted to buy a trained dog. What Dave is able to accomplish over the course of less than a year is impressive to say the least. Your dedication to the dogs (and training) shows up in the dog loud and clear.

Thank you guys for all of the updates as training developed. Thank you for always affording me time to visit when I could to see my dog in the field. Thank you for the continued follow up and support. Mostly, I thank you for building an awesome dog that will be my hunting buddy for years to come.

Save a spot for Amos in next years training rotation. I can't wait to see what else my dog is capable of, through you guys....

Best Regards,
Snohomish, WA



AKC Registered Name:
Full Throttle Retrievers Hunts with Gusto
Call Name:   Gus

After much searching and contacting trainers I contacted Dave in Oregon and went to look at his pups. I picked Gus from the ones that I looked at and made a great choice.

I worked with Dave throughout the training as this was my first professionally trained hunting dog.   I trained my older lab using the “books”. After a few sessions with Dave I realized that the difference between the books and a professional trainer is like night and day.  In addition to having a great trained dog I learned a lot from Dave that will help both of us have years of great hunts together.

Dave’s customer support when having questions or problems is above the rest and insures that I won’t make mistakes on my continued training and can correct any bad habits that Gus might pick up.

Wayne Springmeyer,  Minden, Nevada

AKC Registered Name:  Windy Ridge Call of Dooley  JH
Call Name:  Dooley
Dave and Carlene,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done with Dooley. Because of the way you train, with the right combination of fairness and firmness, I have seen such a big change in the way Dooley is working. With so many "pros" these days whose idea of training is to burn them into submission, your method is both effective and refreshing. Thank you and I look forward continuing our work via lessons after Dooley comes home.

Laura Heyden,  Klamath Falls, Or.





Full Throttle Retrievers is a highly skilled training facility owned by professional dog trainer Dave Bales and his wife Carlene. Dave and Carlene are training both my yellow male “Jake” and black female “Teddy” that will be ready to hunt this next hunting season.

Dave’s personal attention to detail and training skills have led me to purchases a second female puppy that will carry me through hunting in my retired years. Not only does Full Throttle Retrievers produce top quality hunting dogs, but they also make companions for life, and when you train with Dave and Carlene you have friends for life.

Mike Jayne,  Klamath Falls, Or.

I am a small business owner who has very little time for things outside of the business, much less finding and training a dog. I am also an avid waterfowler who can be completely out of his mind from time to time about hunting.

In my time spent in the fields, blinds and marshes, nothing can be further from the truth when I hear someone speak of the value of a well trained dog. I have experienced a few dogs, both through personal ownership and friends, but nothing to the caliber of what I currently own today. Because of Dave Bales I have one of the best "tools of the trade", my retriever, Dixie!

I certainly got over and above what I paid for! My investment even included one of the best guarantees in the business. I would highly recommend Dave Bales and the magic he performs with these animals. Just trust his process and you, like me, will be glad you went his direction.

Thanks Again Dave!
Scott M.  Tracy, Ca.

Being an avid waterfowl hunter and waterfowl guide I depend on my “Girls” to not only be excellent hunting partners, but also a valuable part of the hunt. My “Girls” are more than just hunting dogs. They are members of our family and my #1 hunting partners in the field or marsh.
Dave’s mission statement at Full Throttle Retrievers is “Good Dogs are Born…Great Dogs are Made”. This couldn’t be truer! From his assistance with choosing the perfect puppy for my family and me through his common sense easy to understand methods of training he helped me turn Sky (now 2) into a fine tuned hunting machine. Dave helped me prepare Sky for almost every hunting condition and scenario possible. (It’s kind of hard to train a dog for that 10 hour, late season, one go, on public land honker hunt.) Dave and Carlene also took the time to teach and train Sky manners in the house, which I cannot thank them enough for.
In a couple of years I will be ready to add a new hunting partner to my family and my first choice in trainers will be Full Throttle Retrievers!

Matt Brimmer – Owner of Call’em N Guide Service
Primos Hunting Prostaff
Sitka Mountain Gear Prostaff
Wilderness Athlete Prostaff

As a waterfowl professional it is imperative to have the best of the best. I spent years searching for a dog trainer that could produce the results in a dog that I was proud to reflect in my business, and was highly disappointed, until I put my dog in Dave's hands and was overwhelmed with the results. From our first journey of forcing my pup, the relationship and respect grew from there. After just a short amount of time training my pup Major, with Dave and his dogs, I found what I was looking for in a trainer and in a dog. Lightning, one of Dave's started dogs, soon joined our family and has been going strong, retrieving nearly 600 birds in his first year on the job. It seems there is not a hunting condition that he is not ready to tackle and is always willing to please and if I have a question or concern in the field, I know that I can call up Dave and get his input. Ironic how after all those years of searching for a good dog trainer, in the end what I found was a friend.

Shawn Howe
Howe Guide Service,  Klamath falls, Or.

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