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Retriever training

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Customer Testimonials



Trained Labrador RetrieverWOW and WONDERFUL are the best words we can find to describe how much we appreciate the work you have done with Shasta. You took the time to evaluate her before beginning training and then worked your magic on her. She was a 9 month old female lab who was basically a family pet, who was afraid of the water and you turned her into a wonderful, trained waterfowl fetching companion.

We had a remarkable 2010-2011 hunting season in which all the training you did with Shasta made for some really exciting and fulfilling days of hunting both ducks and geese. Not only did you train Shasta but you welcomed and encouraged us to attend your training sessions with the dogs.

Your excellent training both of the dogs and their owners made for increased enjoyment of the hunts and very successful retrieves by our Shasta.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, that anyone who has a dog, no matter the age or background of the dog, seriously considers having you train their dog for hunting. We look forward to bringing Shasta back to you this spring for further training and working with you to increase our knowledge and Shasta's for even more wonderful hunts.

Tom and Margie Cordonier

Tulelake, CA

Looking for a dog trainer? Well, look no further. Full Throttle Retrievers, owned and operated by Dave and Carlene Bales, is your answer.

I’ve known Dave and Carlene for almost two years. I highly recommend them for any of your training needs, from basic obedience to a highly trained waterfowl dog.

I knew, the first time I watched Dave work with my two year old lab, he was the trainer I’d been looking for. Dave’s patience and knowledge with working a young dog was an eye opener for me. Within a few short lessons, my lab had progressed tremendously. I soon decided to invest the time and money, in order to have the dog I needed for my own hunting needs. I turned my dog over to them last year for six months, and I’m planning on taking her back for another three this summer. Another thing I really appreciate about Dave and Carlene is that they not only train your dog, but help you properly work with your dog as well.

Thank you, Dave and Carlene, for everything.

Clint Winger

Weed, CA

Sam came into our lives after he had been locked away for many months in a kennel. The only human interaction and exercise he had was a neighbor throwing a bumper for him without any direction or discipline for an hour a day. At this time, Sam was 16 months old. We acquired Samson and instantly knew that he needed help that only Full Throttle Retrievers could offer.

When Sam was placed with Dave at FTR, he didn’t even know the basics of obedience. He thought he was the only dog in the universe, not even knowing the concept of sharing, honoring, or obeying simple commands.

Over the course of Sam’s training, Dave was able to instill obedience, honoring other dogs and brought out all of his hunting instincts. Had Sam not come to FTR when he did, he would have been ruined for any kind of hunting, companionship or even a basic housedog.

Now, Sam knows all basic commands (and obeys them), hunts from land or a boat, is a faithful companion, and a wonderful addition to our family. If Dave can achieve these results with a dog that was almost totally destroyed, then he can train your dog to be the best hunter, companion and family addition.

Chuck and Evette Lockhart
Sparks, Nevada

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