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Retriever training

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Trained Labrador Retrievers

Trained Labrador Retrievers are an asset in the field that Full Throttle Retriever’s specializes in.  With years of training experience, a calm approach and the ability to read a started dog’s temperament, we offer a quality of training that produces the finest trained retrievers.

Trained Retrievers

Our goals for our started gundogs are simple, but direct; To produce the best field Trained Labrador retrievers, whether it is your dog or our started dogs

Started Gun Dogs

Each dog receives the very best care and individual training to bring out their potential and personality.

Our Trained Labrador retrievers begin with two training fundamental building blocks as a foundation and philosophy - Basic Obedience and Consistency. Both of which will carry forward throughout the life of your dog and into his/her hunting career and family life.

A trained Labrador retrievers basic obedience training program consists of – “Heel” (off/on a lead), “Sit”, “Here”, “Lay Down” and “Kennel up”. 
Once the basic obedience with your dog is sound, we move to formal training.  Our formal training program consists of- collar conditioning and force fetch.

The next step in our training program is Field Training.  Field Training exposes your dog to all aspects of a working Gun Dog

Trained Labrador retrievers and started dogs that are completing our Field Training program will experience gunfire, duck and goose calling, navigating through a decoy spread on both land and water, working from a boat, and exposure to live birds.  Dogs will also learn to ride on an ATV and experience simulated hunting scenarios on rivers and lakes, fields, marshes and ponds with the use of remote wingers.

The pace and level at which we are able to train your dog is determined by your dog’s own natural desire and trainability as well as time.  Full Throttle Retriever’s strives to bring out the very best in your dog, both as a good citizen and as a great hunting companion.  We tailor the dogs training to suit you and your dog’s needs.

Your dog will be securely transported to and from the field in our custom built 12-dog trailer which is fully insulated, ventilated and equipped with fans.  The comfort and security of dogs during transport is very important to us.

Full Throttle Retriever’s is located in the famed Klamath Basin of Southern Oregon.  We are dedicated and avid water fowlers and truly understand what it takes to train a retriever to perform in the field or marsh, under any conditions.  Our facility is your number one source for professional retriever training services.

Started Dogs

Started dog

Started Dog

Honorable mention to our pups in training but not quite ready for our page yet!

You are welcome to inquire about pups in training.

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